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Mars Expedition...sort of

· 遊記-Trip

地球上最像火星的地方 Mars landscape on Earth

最近火星議題很夯,自從Elon Musk (SpaceX/Tesla 執行長)宣布要完成登陸火星的壯舉,大家對這火紅的星球更是大大個感興趣。

Topic of Mars has gained huge popularity ever since Elon Musk (SpaceX/Tesla founder) declared his plan to send human to Mars.


Too bad I will never get to travel there in my life time. At least there are similar landscapes on our planet Earth to be found. According to the movies' idea of Mars, the landscape is basically a desert with lots of rocks and canyons.

而影片和照片中的這裡(點下面看影片),其實是加州靠近內華達州沙漠的一塊OHV公園 (OHV - Off Highway Vehicle,也就是越野車,沙灘車,吉普車這類型的),說穿了其實就是一個完全乾枯的湖底,所以才有這奇特的地形。是不是超像電影中的火星啊!

In the pictures and videos, this "Mars" location is actually part of a OHV park for off road vehicles like dirt bikes, ATV and jeeps. This strange and eerie surface is really a completely dried up lakebed that went through a long process of degradation and rock formation. Doesn't it look just like the Mars we imagined?

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I should probably switch to dirt tires if I want to do more dirt riding. The sandy surface was super slick and I kept losing my front. Way too exciting for me. Also, the rocks are so sharp that they made a couple big scratch lines on my tires. Good thing my tires were already worn out and due for a replacement. Or else I would have destroyed a perfectly good tire.


Wife: Where the hell did you go! Went too far!

broken image


This area is quite big. Immediately after I 'abandoned' my wife (lol, actually she wanted to take pictures on the other side) and went on for some exploring, the bluetooth connection got cut off. It was probably because she was walking in the pinnacles and the hills, which blocked her reception. Exploring was a lot of fun, but you could easily get lost here if it's your first time. The landscape look pretty similar all around, and since the weather pattern changed rapidly that day on the desert, the color of the land also shifts quite quickly. You can quickly lose orientation if you don't pay attention. Good thing the pinnacles (big standing rock formation) are all grouped in the same area, so I knew I wouldn't get too lost or gone too far out of the desert.

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