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開部落格和IG!沒臉書粉專?Blog Debut


· 思緒-Thoughts

Latest Update 最新更新:我有IG了 #13N #十三恩

不過還是沒開臉書粉專 Still no facebook page yet.

為什麼開部落格?Why blog? What about Facebook?


Ok, you got me. I am not so much of a blogger myself. Heck, I love sharing via video platforms way more than writing here and there. At the same time, filming and editing takes time. With full-time work and family stuff, I am barely keeping up with weekly update on YouTube.


Of course, my videos are just the tip of my two wheel iceberg. Sometimes when I see news about races, motorcycle products or bikes themselves, I have an urge to immediately share with my subscribers. This is the moment where blogging triumphs YouTube. My thoughts quickly get put into words with a couple relevant photos can be a great way, if not faster and more convenient, to share.


Oh. Why not use Facebook or other social media? (A couple people have asked about this, but I currently don't own other social media except for YouTube) Well, I simply don't have time to manage a Facebook page. News feed on Facebook changes rapidly. Knowing myself, I know I'd get addicted super quickly, and then I wouldn't be able to focus on video work. Before I learn how to better self-control, I will pick blog over Facebook. Of course, this wouldn't get as many views as Facebook. That's ok, for those that want more than video. They will eventually find this place. (Isn't that how you got here? haha)

之前有幾次想趕快分享新聞的時候,也會做成影片。不過比較耗時就是了。(相關影音 CBR250RR新聞)

Sometimes I put my thought into video too. See below (CBR250RR news)

部落格的用意 Meaning of my blog


Besides being a one stop place for all my videos. (YouTube is still the main channel, of course). This blog serves to share the details that are often missed in the videos. I will also share new two wheels stuff that I see in this blog

我已經訂閱YouTube 還需要訂閱部落格嗎?

I already subscribed to your YouTube, do I need to subscribe to your blog?



It's totally up to you. If you want more than videos, then leave your email below. I will also share my riding stuff on this blog ahead of videos, so you get to see more earlier. Subscribe below if you are interested!

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