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Better ways to present bike tutorials?

· 思緒-Thoughts

影片呈現的方式 Ways to present tutorial videos


I started off with motovlog, which is all about first person view. (Actually, I started off filming track day videos with my car, but that's not the point) Naturally, all my videos such as tutorials, riding or just sharing news will be in first person view. I really like presenting in first person view. Although, I do know there are people who get dizzy when watching first person view videos. I am sorry to hear that some of you won't be enjoy my first person view videos.


However, I am not talking about the dizziness that first video view brings. I am referring to the cut. Recently, I got feedbacks saying that the cut between riding and close up shots can be a bit offending. It's mainly about the fact that I switch between talking while riding and close up shots. Of course, I don't feel the cut is abrupt or offending at all since I am the one filming and speaking anyways. I have been thinking. What's the best way to reduce such cuts?


Or maybe I should just let it and continue shooting since that's my style. Put it this way, most tv presenters present in front of the camera and then switch to close up shots of the products they talk about, and then switch back again. This is very common. I simply changed the presenter view to first person view.

不然叫我老婆當主持人介紹? 哈哈,她應該會殺了我

Maybe I should let my wife host instructional video? LOL, she'll kill me

不然叫我老婆當主持人介紹? 哈哈,她應該會殺了我


And then I thought. If regular presenters can show their front and cut to product view without making people feel abrupt. Maybe what I need is a little more front shots that show my expression (gestures) as if I am presenting and not just shots of me riding and talking. Maybe this will help. Or, I can simply stop shooting while riding and just take the camera and point at the stuff I want to talk about. That method can help getting the point across, but it is a bit dull to me.


What do you guys think? Do you no longer feel abrupt when you are used to seeing first person view? (Example: Preload adjust video)

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